January 5th  The Epiphany of the Lord

Chalice: Patti and Grant

Intercessor: Patti

1st & 2nd readings: Richmond

Gospel: Ken

No kids church leader available

PowerPoint: Brian


January 12th  The Baptism of the Lord

Chalice: Lorna and Greg

Intercessor: Grant

1st & 2nd readings: Lorna

Gospel: Greg

Kids Church: Paul

PowerPoint: Brian


January 19th Second Sunday after Epiphany

Chalice: Paul and Patti

Intercessor: Bonnie

1st & 2nd readings: Cathy

Gospel: Paul

Kids Church: Alex

PowerPoint: Steve


January 26th Third Sunday after Epiphany

Chalice: Lorna and Grant

Intercessor: Grant

1st & 2nd readings: Patti

Gospel: Nathan

Kids church: Paul

PowerPoint: Ken