I'm new:

What is it like? 

We are a small, casual multi-generational congregation  -- typically attended by around 35 people.  We use the Anglican Liturgy from the Book of Alternative Services, but rather than using books we project the luturgy and song lyrics using PowerPoint.  We use the Revised Common Lectionary to guide our reading of the Bible. 

Note: For Safety and Health reasons, we are currently conducting our worship services virtually - please see the 'HOME' page for the link to the service.

What about my kids?

Kids are welcome and encouraged to participate.  After an opening song the children are invited to come to the front of the sanctuary for a 'Children's Message' which is followed by an informal 'Sunday School' time in the Narthex (entrance area) of the church.  Parents of very young children are encouraged to accompany their kids to the Sunday School time.  Children are welcome to return to the Sanctuary any time they wish during the service.

Note: As with our worship service, Sunday School is currently being conducted virtually. Please contact Rev. Rebecca for the specific link to our children's Sunday School. 

What do I wear?

You can 'dress-up' if you'd like, but most people dress casually.  

How can I get connected?

Email us.  Give us a phone call.  Or just 'show up' on a Sunday morning!  Stay for coffee after the service and get to know us.  There will be lots of people who will be keen to get to know you.