Our Congregation

The congregation of Holy Trinity Riverbend has been gathering as a community to worship God since 1997. We invite you to join us every Sunday as we strive to walk in Christ’s footsteps – remembering, all are welcome here.

In many ways, our prayers help define the culture of our congregation. We worship, eat, study, work, and play together as we consider how to be more Christ-like in this world. We pray together… for ourselves, each other, and the world:

As we join the whole creation and celebrate with joy the Spirit moving among us and guiding us, we offer prayers to God who dwells with us forever. We Give God thanks for abundant blessings, for friendship and for life-giving relationships, for beauty, joy, wonder, and delight, for earth, water, wind, and sun, for creatures, and for this journey.

As a congregation:

  • We lift up to God our worries… our challenges… our grief. We look to God to sustain and inspire us, comfort and heal us.

  • We remember those who are traveling, the sick and those who are suffering, the hungry and oppressed, and those in prison.

  • We pray for the Church, for the clergy and laity, for faith that carries us, and for God’s wisdom to grow within us and transform us.

  • We pray for the leaders of the nations and for those in authority, for live-giving peace and for universal justice, for the will to overcome that which distances us from God, and for the bonds of affection: may they bridge time and space. We pray for the common good.